New Products – “Net more sales..”

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044 Fishing Utility Clippers  043R Rattlin’ Flat Fish 043G Rattlin’ Flat Fish 101 Popper-RS 102 Jig Eye Punch

001-small-spoon-red& 001-small-spoon-red&  matchbook-jig
united_states_of_america_usa 048 Small Red Devil
united_states_of_america_usa 049 Large Red Devil united_states_of_america_usa 032F Full Color Living Lures 050 Matchbook Jig Lure

Classic Lures – “Get Hooked On…”

united_states_of_america_usa 001 Small Spoon

8 Colors

united_states_of_america_usa 002 Classic Spoon

9 Colors

005 Mighty Minnow 006 Shakin’ Shad
006FT Shakin’ Shad 008 Bobber  031 Spinnerbait

Tournament Series Spoons – “Catch The Big One…”

united_states_of_america_usa021 CEO united_states_of_america_usa 022 Chairman

Pro Tournament Series – “Reel ‘Em In…”

101 Popper-RS 019 Rattlin’ Minnow 020 Rattlin’ Crank

Accessories – “Hooked On Customer Service…”

Small Tackle Box 010-oiler_LOGO 20 bonnets foldover front side
united_states_of_america_usa 047 Tackle Box  united_states_of_america_usa 010 Precision Oiler     united_states_of_america_usa038 Hook Bonnets    


Packaging Options

card box closed Printed card box    4 square angle
 united_states_of_america_usa Presentation Case

with Felt Lining

united_states_of_america_usa Business Card Case

Imprinted or Clear

united_states_of_america_usa Clamshell for

Spoon Lures 

united_states_of_america_usa Clamshell with Custom

Backer for Spoon Lures

united_states_of_america_usa Small Hobby Case
 Details on Product Pages  Details on Product Pages


We’re fishing for your business…..Catch the big one…..Get hooked on…..Reel in bigger sales….For landing new customers…..Snag more sales

Angling for extra profits….We’ll help you snag a great deal….Reel ’em in…..Catch the limit….Catch your share….Net more sales…..

Fishing for the best….. A luring opportunity….Cast an eye on…Hooked on customer service…It takes the right bait to land the big ones

Give a man a fish, feed him for a day….Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime….Catch their eye….Take a bait….A great catch