Themed Downloadable Flyers – Designed for Promotional Distributors

All flyers are in powerpoint format. Simply add your logo, modify to your liking and save as PDF. Print and present or embed in an email to generate new sales leads.

Flyers by Fish Species & Geography

Salt Water Flyer South Atlantic & Gulf          Products for Redfish, Bluefish, Speckled Trout, Striped Bass, Kingfish, Tarpon and related accessories

Salt Water Flyer North Atlantic                     Products for Bluefish, Striped Bass, Speckled Trout and related accessories

Trout & Salmon                                            Trout are in virtually all states and Canada, Salmon are in Northern states and Canada. Second most sought after group of fish in fresh water

Bass                                                              Bass are in 48 lower states and the most sought after species in fresh water

Ice Fishing                                                    Flyer has product images with new products for the ice fishing market

Flyers by Industry

Agriculture                                                    Flyer has product images from past work with agriculture related brands

Auto                                                              Flyer has product images from past work with Ford, Ram and Chevy

Beer & Spirits                                               Flyer has product images from past work with various Whiskey and Beer brands

Industrial                                                       Flyer has product images from past work with various industrial brands

Non Profit & Govt                                          Flyer has product images from past work with various non profits and govt organizations


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Generic Email Flyers

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Talking Points to Sell Promotional Fishing Products

  • BIG MARKET:  ~ 55 million people fish for recreation – 1 out of 6 nationally

  • FANTASTIC BUSINESS TO CONSUMER:  Give them something they will use for recreation, and they’ll appreciate it

  • PEOPLE KEEP THEM:  High retention & high utility because these are real fishing lures

  • BRAND LOYALTY:  Perfect product for business/organization to consumer as they are kept and they work

  • LONGEVITY:  Anglers as a group only throw away lures when they break, rust or are lost; they just buy more tackle boxes

  • BRAND RECALL:  Studies show memory retention is highest during relaxation… when you’re fishing

  • AMERICANA:  Outdoor sports is part of the heritage of the USA and Canada



Popular Industries